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At the amazing conclusion of a successful fertility journey is a human being—a baby. But we know how much people matter along the way, too. It shows in the individualized experience we provide each patient. In the highly trained staff that brings their talents to our state of-the-art fertility services. And in a collaborative process that delivers some of the nation’s highest success rates.

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Our patients tell us what makes their experience here different from the other options - it is the personalized care they receive at Pacific NW Fertility. We are the right choice because we treat each patient as a human being, provide them with the most positive fertility experience possible, and deliver individualized care. Each patient receives care based not only on our knowledge, but on the patient's own needs and goals.

We have an experienced team of reproductive professionals, including doctors Lee Hickok, Lorna Marshall, Lora Shahine, and Julie Lamb, who together have more than 50 years of experience and are among the top rated in Seattle.

The Right Donor. The Best Experience.

At the Pacific NW Fertility Donor Egg Bank, we offer all the convenience and success rates of frozen eggs from the very best donors. And we deliver it with personal, individualized care based on your needs, your goals, and your life.

Contact us today to start your experience: www.pnwfeggbank.com

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Mind/Body Program for Fertility
September 29 - December 1, 2014

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Women’s Fertility Retreat
Duvall, WA
November 21-23, 2014


Fertility Preservation Center Grand Opening

Director of Fertility Preservation Center, Dr. Julie Lamb

We’re so happy to announce the grand opening of our new Fertility Preservation Center, directed by Julie Lamb, MD.

The timing is perfect in celebration of the 125th baby born from frozen eggs through our Donor Egg Bank.


Freeze Your Eggs and Save Your Career?

Let's be honest, are you torn between building your career and starting a family at a biologically optimal time? You are definitely not alone and now you have options.