5 Things to Know About PNWF’s Donor Egg Program

Posted on Friday, April 22, 2016

When moving towards a donor egg option, it is important to choose the right program. Pacific NW Fertility has been one of the most successful donor egg programs in the world. Here are five things to know about this program.

1. PNWF consistently enjoys high success rates for all variations of donor egg cycles including traditional, synchronized cycles starting with fresh donated eggs, and donor egg bank cycles using cryopreserved eggs.

2. The PNWF Donor Egg Bank, one of the first egg banks in the world, started in 2009, and was one of only seven egg banks in the country by 2012. Over the past seven years, PNWF’s laboratory has been refining the process and to date is responsible for over 200 births from frozen donor eggs.

3. PNWF’s donor egg program is “in house” which means that patients avoid the stresses and additional expenses associated with an outside agency. PNWF applies very high standards to screen egg donors, and the team works with patients to get a personalized match. “Our donor egg program is very important to us, and our donor team works hard to make the process as streamlined as possible,” Dr. Marshall says.

4. The PNWF Donor Egg Bank does not “sell eggs” like most other egg banks. Instead, PNWF offers patients an “egg bank cycle,” which guarantees the development of two high quality blastocyst embryos, which are frozen and generally transferred one at a time. This unique guarantee maximizes success and minimizes expense for our patients.

5. PNWF has financial plans and financing to make the process easier. For example, the egg bank program has a guaranteed live birth plan that provides a full refund if a live birth doesn’t happen after 6 embryos are transferred — one of a time, of course! The clinic's financial counselors help patients find the best approach.

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You so exceeded our expectations. We didn't expect a picture of our embryos, a personal conversation with the embryologist, the ability to see implantation with ultrasound, privacy during retrieval, warm  blankets, and truly... kindness.  Thank You.

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