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Posted on Monday, October 02, 2017
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Here are all the links to the great content Q13 and PNWF has shared on the topic of infertility this month. 

1. Dr. Shahine did a Facebook Live stream answering questions from viewers about infertiltiy: Facebook Live Q&A with Dr. Shahine

2. Q13's Kaci Aitchison shared her personal experience with infertility: When the path to 'pregnant' winds through a fertility clinic

3. Dr. Shahine was interviewed on recurrent pregnancy loss and miscarriage: Pregnancy loss and miscarriage: 'You haven't told anybody, and you're going through this horrific pain'

4. Dr. Shahine discusses the connection between stress and infertility: Does stress contribute to infertility?

5. Dr. Shahine shares advice on how to be kind and supportive to someone facing infertility: What you should (and shouldn't) say to someone struggling to build a family

6. Dr. Shahine dispels 3 myths about infertility: Common misconceptions about conception through fertility treatments

We had an excellent experience!  Very quick response to questions/emails.  Very professional.  The clinic is like a well oiled machine.  Everybody is very friendly and went out of their way to make sure we had a great experience.

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