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Pacific NW Fertility has one of the largest and most successful egg donation programs in the country. Our egg donor program was established to assist women who cannot conceive due to a lack of healthy egg production, or, for couples who want to prevent a genetic disease.

In some cases, using egg donation is the only chance a woman has to become pregnant. Find out more information below for women interested in becoming an egg donor, as well as individuals who are in need of donor eggs.

Donor Egg Program Information For Egg Donors
We've provided information for you to learn how our donor egg program works, and how you can help another woman’s chances at becoming pregnant.

Donor Egg Program Information For Recipients
The donor egg program is a variation of in vitro fertilization, where eggs from a selected donor are used to create a pregnancy.

We invite patients to call Stephanie Frickleton, Donor Program Director, at 206-515-0042 or visit our new PNWF Egg Bank website for more information.

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“I liked having a consultation with Dr. Marshall and Stephanie (Donor Program Director) to go over what everyone’s role would be and exactly what I needed to do. Each person spent time getting to know us so to make our experience a positive one. I did not have any expectations ….Once the process began I realized that the experience of the staff was key to the success rates of the clinic. It gave me confidence that we had a real shot at getting pregnant.”

—Pacific NW Fertility Patient and Egg Donor Recipient “Kathryn”