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Becoming an egg donor means you could help build a family for people that struggle with infertility or LBGT people. An egg donor can make a family's dream a reality. Pacific NW Fertility is different. We provide excellent personalized care, offer flexible appointments and we want you to achieve your goals. While your donation contributes to building families, it is also an investment in your dreams, whatever they may be! Whether it's college tuition, a dream vacation or other expenses. Whatever it is, we want to help you get there.

Pacific NW Fertility’s Donor Egg Program is very important for women who have no normal eggs of their own and it is their only chance to become pregnant. We hope that you will consider being a part of the Donor Egg Program. If you are healthy and between 21 and 29, please consider applying today.


The ins and outs of the egg donation program at PNWF.

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If you are ready to move ahead with the application process, you may get started right here, right now. It will just take a few minutes.

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Educate yourself about the donation process and the program at PNWF. You'll learn why donating at PNWF is unique. Bring your questions and your appetite.

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Meet our compassionate and dedicated donor team. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. And should you move ahead with donation they'll be by your side from start to finish.

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The first thing I put in my baby's baby book was a pasted in sheet of paper showing that we were pregnant, from PNWF.  Below it I wrote, "Mom and Dad worked HARD for you." We deserve it even more, I say. Because the baby that comes from PNW Fertility and their crew of helpers is one loved baby. That is a pretty amazing legacy to be able to tell that kid someday.

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