The Center for Fertility Preservation at Pacific NW Fertility

Director: Dr. Julie Lamb, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

At The Center for Fertility Preservation at Pacific NW Fertility, we are committed to offering the most advanced fertility preservation options for both men and women. The choice to preserve your fertility may result from a personal decision to delay pregnancy or perhaps you have been referred to us by your oncologist following a cancer diagnosis.

For Female Patients

Egg Freezing is available for qualifying patients who wish to delay childbearing for any reason. Previously, the most common reason women chose egg freezing was in the setting of a cancer diagnosis. But as technology has improved, the number of women choosing to freeze their eggs as a means to delay child-bearing for other reasons is steadily rising. Fertility decreases with age beginning at 30, and by age 40 the chances of spontaneous pregnancy are less than 50% of what they were at age 30. In general, egg freezing is best for women under age 38 who have a reassuring egg supply (ovarian reserve).

Embryo Cryopreservation involves a similar process for fertility preservation for patients who prefer to freeze fertilized eggs (or embryos).

Why Pacific NW Fertility?

It is essential that patients consider where they are doing their fertility preservation. Pacific NW Fertility is committed to providing the most cutting edge technology. We have expertise in the most up to date freezing technique called vitrification for embryos and we ahve more experience with frozen eggs than most IVF labs in the United States. Egg freezing is considered a relatively new IVF technology but Pacific NW Fertility has been freezing eggs since 2006. Even more importantly, we have been successfully thawing frozen eggs, fertilizing them with sperm, and watching our patients be successful. As of January 2014, Pacific NW Fertility celebrated the 125th live birth from a frozen egg in our clinic.


For Male Patients

Sperm Cryopreservation
Sperm cryopreservation (freezing) may be done for several reasons: cancer patients preparing to undergo radiation or chemotherapy, which potentially destroy sperm production, patients who are electing to have a vasectomy but wish to have sperm stored, and patients who are expecting to be unavailable at the time of insemination and wish to store sperm for their partner’s use.

Please contact the Andrology Lab at 206-515-0002 for more information.


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“I can't say enough good about everyone at Pacific NW Fertility. From the receptionist to the nurses and other staff who weren't afraid to share their own personal journeys, to Dr. Marshall and Dr. Hickok and the knowledgeable embryologists …. I can't say enough good. They're all wonderful.”

—Pacific NW Fertility Patient “Nicole”