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Ready to get started? If so, give us a call, send us an email, or sign up for an upcoming informational event to learn more. Whether you are ready for a consultation or you just need more information to help you make the decision to move forward, we will be happy to help get you started today.


If you are ready to take the next step we are ready to move at whatever pace you feel comfortable. Some people are ready to start tomorrow. Others need to talk bit. Wherever you are, we want to help. So contact us today, or whenever you are ready. We'll be here.


We encourage those interested in moving ahead to schedule an initial consultation appointment with one of our 4 physicians. Free 30-minute phone consultations with our nurse practitioners are also available.

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Pacific NW Fertility's own nurse practitioners will answer your questions about the causes of infertility, how to make an accurate diagnosis, and the latest treatment options available.

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We understand there are many challenges associated with overcoming infertility, and a financial burden should not be one of them. You will be pleased to know that at Pacific NW Fertility, we participate with a number of insurance companies.

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Our financial counselors are here to help you. Contact them to discuss treatment estimates and other finance related topics.

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For your convenience we offer a multi cycle plan at PNWF.

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There are two financing companies that our patients work with to finance some infertility treatments.

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If you live outside the Seattle area, from Alaska to Montana, or from Western Canada or beyond, PNWF is happy to provide your care in collaboration with your local healthcare providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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You so exceeded our expectations. We didn't expect a picture of our embryos, a personal conversation with the embryologist, the ability to see implantation with ultrasound, privacy during retrieval, warm  blankets, and truly... kindness.  Thank You.

2015 Anonymous Patient Survey
Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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