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We encourage those interested in moving ahead to schedule an initial consultation appointment.

FREE 30-minute Phone Consultation

We realize that not everyone is ready to move ahead with an appointment with one of our Providers. Perhaps you just need some questions answered or a bit of advice.  If that sounds like you, schedule a FREE 30-minute Phone Consultation.  One of our very capable nurse practitioners, specializing in infertility and women's reproductive health, will speak with you at a convenient time and be happy to cover the topics you are interested in. They'll answer your questions, too. For those that want to move ahead with treatment, a next appointment will be offered.  Rest assured though, there is never any obligation. We are here to help you just where you are.

A Personal Consultation

This initial appointment is typically a one hour visit, in which patients sit down with one of our physicians or nurse practitioners to review medical records and personal medical history. The provider will work with you to answer any questions you may have, and outline possible treatment options. This visit may include a physical exam, vaginal ultrasound, prescribed medications, and orders for further fertility testing.

If you are interested in making an appointment with Pacific NW Fertility, please call 206-515-0000 or fill out the form below.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. Your personal information will never be shared. We may check in on you but you can be assured that your information is considered private and confidential.

Once you contact Pacific NW Fertility to set up your appointment, you will be guided by one of our experienced Patient Care Coordinators to walk you through the process and next steps. The coordinator will help you complete the registration process, and provide you with a login ID and password for our Patient Portal. The secure and easy-to-use Patient Portal allows patients to easily, privately, and in their own time provide health history details - information which helps the team at Pacific NW Fertility provide you with the most appropriate fertility information and options.

In order to help you move forward with your fertility treatment as quickly as possible,  we have provided a few recommendations.

I was absolutely amazed at the kindness and professionalism of everyone we worked with. Regardless of how things turn out for us, we feel we’ve been given the best chance of success. Special thanks to everyone for your extra time and attention. We really appreciate it.

2015 Anonymous Donor Program Survey
Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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