Helpful Web Links

Pacific NW Fertility has compiled the following web links to help provide more information surrounding fertility, and allow you to identify the best course of treatment specific to your individual needs.

American Fertility Association – The American Fertility Association is a national non-profit organization providing reproductive information, a national newsletter, support groups, advocacy support, and research support

American Pregnancy Association – A national health organization committed to promoting reproductive and pregnancy wellness through research, education and community awareness

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine – ASRM is a voluntary, non-profit organization devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine, including infertility, menopause, contraception and sexuality. See also: ASRM's

The American Surrogacy Center, Inc. (TASC) – Promotes the exchange of information on medical infertility treatments, surrogacy alternatives, current legal status and practitioners

Endometriosis Association – Non-profit, self-help organization dedicated to providing information and support, educating the public and medical community, and conducting and promoting research

Fertility Journey – Sponsored by Shering-Plough which has fertility information, in a variety of languages.

Hannah's Prayer – Christian infertility and pregnancy loss support network

National Infertility Network Exchange (NINE) – A national non-profit organization for persons and couples with impaired fertility, and the professionals that serve them.

Pacific Coast Reproductive Society – A multidisciplinary medical specialty society providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) to physicians and allied healthcare professionals, operating only for medical, educational and charitable purposes

PCOSupport - The Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association – Voluntary organization dedicated to promoting research and understanding of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Parent Support of Puget Sound - Facilitated by parents, this support organization offers a lending library, special events, outreach to the medical community and a quarterly newsletter for parents who have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss

RESOLVE – A nonprofit community for women and men with infertility and provides information, support and opportunities to take action; includes local chapters

Single Mothers by Choice - Online information and support group for women considering the possibility of becoming a single mother, are trying to adopt or conceive, or are already a single mother by choice

Society for Male Reproduction and Urology (SMRU) – Provides visitors information surrounding male reproduction and urology physicians

Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (SREI) – Professional web site for Reproductive Endocrinologists

Society of Reproductive Surgeons (SRS) – Professional web site with information for and about reproductive surgeons

Stepping Stones – A Christ-centered resource for couples facing fertility challenges or pregnancy loss

Surrogate Mothers Online – Provides information, support and friendship to surrogate mothers and potential surrogate mothers

The Tears Foundation
 - Non-profit organization that seeks to compassionately assist bereaved parents with financial expenses


“I can’t say enough about their (the doctors and staff at Pacific NW Fertility) level of expertise. I truly believe my success was due to the experience of the staff. Their confidence, communication, and highly systematic approach were key to ensuring the process was a success.”

—Pacific NW Fertility Patient and Egg Donor Recipient “Kathryn”