Erin's Story

Where are you now in your fertility journey?

Proud Parents

What led you to Pacific NW Fertility?

We were being treated at a different fertility clinic for more than a year and a half. After 5 IUIs and 2 IVF cycles, we had experienced two losses and were very frustrated. We were unsure if we had the energy or resources to continue but after consulting with Dr. Hickok, we felt confident that one last try with IVF would be worth it.

Describe some of the ups and downs you have experienced in your fertility journey:

It was extremely challenging to be in a fertility treatment cycle for two years continuously. We took no breaks because of maternal age and that was exhausting physically and emotionally. I wished that I had found a psychotherapist to work with earlier in my journey (I finally started working with one toward the end). I wished my husband would have had more emotional support such as a group or private therapist. I think more support for both of us would have been better. We remained a strong couple throughout our journey but I know many couples are not as fortunate. The process can take a huge toll on a relationship.

How has dealing with fertility issues changed you as a person?

I had to look deep inside of me to realize that my dream may not come true. I had always wanted to be a mother since I was a young adult. I had to work through feelings about my body letting me down. I had to love my relationship with my husband as it was, not without the dreams we had made together in the past. I had to separate my private and public lives so that I could get through my professional life. It taught me a lot about prioritizing - all I did was work at my job and try to get pregnant for more than two years. It took a great deal of emotional strength, humor with my partner, and great love from the people closest to us to weather the storms.

What advice would you give to your best friend if facing fertility issues?

I would encourage my friend to seek professional help as early as possible. Both seeing a medical team that specializes in fertility treatment as well as someone to support their emotional health. I would advise them to consider all options. Loving a child regardless of how they came to you is such an incredible gift. I would encourage my friend to not give up no matter how hard the process becomes.

Is there anyone in particular on the staff at PNWF that you'd like to commend?

We worked with our physician primarily but the other doctors as well. Our physician reviewed our long history at another clinic and accurately assessed our chances to be successful with one more IVF round. We are so grateful for all the doctors experience that resulted in our success. The nursing, coordination, and other staff were so wonderful to us - kind, compassionate, and professional. We can't thank the embryologists enough for the science and 'magic' they brought to our life.

The first thing I put in my baby's baby book was a pasted in sheet of paper showing that we were pregnant, from PNWF.  Below it I wrote, "Mom and Dad worked HARD for you." We deserve it even more, I say. Because the baby that comes from PNW Fertility and their crew of helpers is one loved baby. That is a pretty amazing legacy to be able to tell that kid someday.

Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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