Molly and Genevieve's Story

Would you share a little bit about your experience at PNWF?

Molly and I did not set out to have our child via shared maternity, but oddly enough, it was one of the first thoughts that I had on how we would raise children, now many years ago. Since Molly was not interested in being pregnant, I thought that having her child would be a wonderful gift I could gladly give her. 

I was also attracted to the way in which shared maternity makes us both indisputably mothers of our child – since one of us will be the birth mother and one the genetic mother, who could quibble with the fact that we are both moms? At the time that I was thinking about this, Washington had not legalized same-sex marriage (in fact, the Washington Supreme Court had declined to recognize a constitutional right to it), and the legal landscape was far from clear. 

Fortunately, the world looks much different now! Even so, I still love the way that we have been able to create our family-in-the-making. The opportunity to truly share this pregnancy is amazing, and something we are deeply grateful for. We love the team at Pacific Northwest Fertility, and felt incredibly supported throughout this process!

I would encourage my friend to seek professional help as early as possible. Both seeing a medical team that specializes in fertility treatment as well as someone to support their emotional health. I would advise them to consider all options. Loving a child regardless of how they came to you is such an incredible gift. I would encourage my friend to not give up no matter how hard the process becomes.

Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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