Advanced Donor Screening with GenePeeks

Watch CBS' 60 Minutes' profile on GenePeeks here

GenePeeks screening works to digitally combine DNA from two prospective parents, one of which may be an egg or sperm donor, to predict the genome of a future child. By combining the DNA from both genetic participants, GenePeeks is able to screen for over 1,000 inherited genetic disorders a child could potentially inherit. You can learn more about GenePeeks technology and how they started by visiting their website

I would encourage my friend to seek professional help as early as possible. Both seeing a medical team that specializes in fertility treatment as well as someone to support their emotional health. I would advise them to consider all options. Loving a child regardless of how they came to you is such an incredible gift. I would encourage my friend to not give up no matter how hard the process becomes.

Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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