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At Pacific NW Fertility, we know that having a baby is the ultimate goal of your fertility journey. We've assembled a highly qualified team, state-of-the-art laboratory, and best-practice technology to help you make that goal a reality. And it shows in our success rates.

Clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer


  • Please note that a clinical pregnancy rate is defined as an intrauterine pregnancy with a heartbeat at 7 weeks by ultrasound.
  • All embryo transfers are performed at the Blastocyst stage (Day 5 of embryo development).
  • Frozen donor egg bank statistics are not reflected in SART/CDC reporting values, however, our success rates are higher than the national average for success with fresh donor egg cycles (SART/CDC).

As always, very kind and professional. I'm impressed that I feel personally attended to. Also you guys are always on time.

2017 Anonymous Donor Program Survey
Pacific NW Fertility Patient

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